#EquityWorks: Actors' Equity Re-Ups Bay Area Theatre Contract for Four Years

Actors’ Equity  re-upped the Bay Area Theatre Contract (BAT) for a four year term. The contract takes effect July 21, 2014 and runs through 2018.

BAT was approved by Equity’s Western Regional Board at its June meeting, which took place on June 10, 2014. Signatories to the agreement are Aurora Theatre Company, 42nd Street Moon, Magic Theatre, San Jose Stage Company, San Francisco Playhouse, Shotgun Players and The Z Space Studio. 

The contract includes a 10 percent salary increase over the life of the agreement: 3 percent in years 1 and 2 and 2 percent in the remaining two years.  An increase in the Dance Captain rate was also achieved, adding an additional 1 percent to the applicable minimum salary in each year of the contract. 

New to the contract is a media package that features expanded use and capture for broadcast and non-broadcast purposes. Should a producer elect to opt-in and use the media package, a 2 percent media fee will be added to the applicable minimum salary on a weekly basis for the duration of the production.

Changes were made to bring clarity and organization to several work rules, including auditions and safe and sanitary, among other work rules. Restructured audition rules now require 3 week notice for principal auditions and all Equity auditions will be held prior to auditions by appointment.  Producers shall identify production elements in writing prior to the first day of rehearsal, including smoke, haze, fire arms, pyrotechnics, traps, and aerial work, among others.

The BAT contract created 1,440 work weeks in the 2012-2013 season and more than $731,000 in earnings during the same season.  

This is another example of how Equity Works for its members.