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In 2023, Equity launched its Political Action Committee (PAC).

The PAC is an independent organization dedicated to pursuing the political interests of Equity members nationwide. Unlike the union, the PAC can donate money to federal political candidates.

The Equity PAC is an independent body that makes its own decisions about how to allocate its resources. The leadership is comprised of Equity member leaders and staff, and it is funded by voluntary donations from Equity members, and not from dues.

In the fall of 2022, Equity’s convention delegates voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution to create the PAC, which the union’s National Council then passed into policy in February. Learn more about its launch here.

Equity’s current legislative priorities include Medicare for All, the PRO Act to protect workers’ rights to organize, the CROWN Act to prevent hair discrimination in the workplace and the Performing Artist Tax Parity Act to make Equity members’ work expenses tax deductible.

The PAC will have its own website, where members can learn more and make voluntary donations.

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