A Library just for actors? That sounds like a dream! It’s actually been a reality for more than 30 years in Equity’s Chicago office. The Ray Lonergan Memorial Library was established in 1986 as the result of a generous donation from the family of the late actor and teacher Ray Lonergan. His collection formed the core of the library, which has grown over the years to nearly 4,000 scripts – thanks to the generosity of many, including a large donation from Sidney Eden. Even with the proliferation of the internet, the library continues to provide a valuable resource for reading scripts, studying scenes or procuring monologues prior to auditions. Equity is proud that the Lonergan has never wavered from its original mission statement: "Helping the actor get that job!"

The library is run by a committee of hard-working volunteers: Equity members Diane Dorsey, Buddy King, Iris Lieberman (chair), Connie McGrail and EMC Lucy Zukaitis.

two workstations in front of bookcases at the library

rows of full bookcases at the library

the library faces the auditions waiting area