One day, every American theatre will be a safe, equitable, and inclusive workplace filled with arts practitioners who represent and reflect the wonderful diversity of the human tapestry, promoting union values.


The Diversity and Inclusion department is dedicated to promoting Equity’s values of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion by leading the industry in creating cultures that promote diversity, celebrate inclusion and foster a deep sense of belonging in Equity members, audiences and all people who engage with the American theatre. In short, we’re here to #ChangeTheStage. We do that with four primary activities:  

  • offering educational programming and talk space for members so they understand their rights regarding equal access to employment and a safe and inclusive workplace 
  • advising council and staff on inclusion-related policy and practice 
  • developing best practices that drive the equitable and fair representation in all theatre roles 
  • collaborating with our colleagues across the industry to ensure that inclusion is a central tenet in all conversation about the American theatre


In November of 2020, Equity released the union’s second-ever diversity and inclusion report, tracking the demographics of how its members are hired for acting and stage management work, and how much they were paid from the years 2016-2019. You can learn more about the report here.

This follows our first diversity study, released in June of 2017, which demonstrated hiring biases in the theatre industry. You can read about the key findings of that first report and view datasets here. You can also read more in the Spring 2017 issue of Equity News: Looking at Hiring Bias by the Numbers.


Have you missed a recent diversity and inclusion event or Equal Employment Opportunity award presentation? Are you looking for food for thought regarding creating a more inclusive theater? You can find updates about all our programming on the D&I Blog.


For more information about Diversity & Inclusion at Equity, please contact the Diversity & Inclusion department at

Members may want to: 

  • Learn more about the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee 
  • Ask questions about or make recommendations for future events 
  • Request accessibility accommodations for Equity events 
  • Raise a concern about discrimination, harassment, or disparate treatment on and Equity job 

Equity employers may seek: 

  • Best practices for inclusion in any aspect of theatre 
  • A sounding board for handing programming that addresses inclusion or systemic marginalization 
  • Resources for deepening and clarifying your organization’s inclusion conversation