#EquityWorks: Actors’ Equity Reaches New Agreement with Organizers of BroadwayCon

New Three-Year Agreement Boosts Wages and Includes Annual Increases 

Actors’ Equity Association announced today that it reached a new three-year agreement with the organizers of BroadwayCon, a three-day expo where fans can meet and interact with Broadway stars.

Under the new agreement, standards for weekly contracts for Actors’ Equity members who are asked to rehearse or work multiple days are now formalized, including an increase in rate to be followed by annual wage increases. The agreement also clarifies rates for short, performance-based appearances, since the vast majority of events at BroadwayCon require less than one hour of an actor’s time. The new agreement includes a 95 percent increase in the weekly minimum salary for actors. The new minimum weekly salary for stage managers will more than double. The three-year agreement also includes 2.5 percent annual wage increases. 

“You can’t think of Broadway without Actors’ Equity,” said Mary McColl, Executive Director of Actors’ Equity. “This contract is just a small example of the big achievements we've made in contract negotiations all over the country in the last year. Whether it's at Walt Disney World, Off-Broadway, or LORT, Equity has been able to ensure better wages and more work opportunities for our talented members.” 

“BroadwayCon will always be an ally of Actors’ Equity Association, and has always been committed to fair practices and wages for performances,” says Melissa Anelli, CEO of Mischief Management, producer of BroadwayCon. “As a completely new type of event, we at BroadwayCon were thrilled that Actors’ Equity was so willing to help create a deal that we consider a win for both entities and, most of all, for the performers and stage managers it affects. We look forward to continuing to create fun and exciting programming that our audience craves, while maintaining our commitment to this community.”

The BroadwayCon agreement is the latest in a series of strong contracts negotiated by Equity for its members. Equity recently reached a five-year agreement for members working at Walt Disney World that included annual wage increases and expanded work opportunities. 

This summer Equity reached a historic new five-year contract with the League of Resident Theatres (LORT). That contract included substantial salary increases and more Principal and Chorus contracts for members, as well as additional stage manager contracts. Equity’s recent agreement with Walt Disney World includes annual wage increases and expanded work opportunities. And in the fall of 2016 Equity reached a five-year agreement with significant wage increases for theaters represented by the Off-Broadway League and smaller Off-Broadway theaters, previously known as ANTC.