Actors’ Equity’s Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision regarding Obergefell v. Hodges (Same-Sex Marriage Ruling)

Actors' Equity Association is pleased that the nation’s highest court has ruled that same-sex marriage is now a constitutional right. This is a landmark decision that makes same-sex marriage legal across the country.

Equity President and marriage equality advocate Kate Shindle states: “I speak not only for our members, but for the overwhelming majority of our industry when I say 'FINALLY!' Actors’ Equity Association has been advocating for marriage equality since the passage of Proposition 8 took this movement to the next level. With all the rhetoric and fearmongering surrounding the issue, it's important to remember what this is really about: loving, consenting adults who want to commit their lives to each other. And that is always a good thing. AEA is proud to be part of this tremendous, historic moment.”

This monumental declaration of equal rights not only has great significance for our LGBTQ members, it is symbolic of our union’s hard-fought civil rights’ history. We stand united with tremendous pride for our brothers and sisters everywhere in the LGBTQ community.