LA Times: Griffith Observatory’s Planetarium Storytellers Petition to Unionize with Actors’ Equity

The astronomical tour guides whose job it is to point out the Big Dipper and explain the big bang to visitors of Griffith Observatory have petitioned to join a union better known for representing stars of the theatrical variety.

The dozen observatory lecturers at the Los Angeles institution have unanimously signed union authorization cards with the Actors’ Equity Assn. A petition was presented to the city’s Employee Relations Board during a meeting Monday morning, kicking off a formal feedback period before the board makes a decision in a few months.

On Thursdays through Sundays, the planetarium lecturers entertain legions of schoolkids and families, narrating and contextualizing the movements of the celestial bodies projected above them. A majority of the lecturers are already Actors’ Equity members through their other acting and performing engagements.