CNN: First Strippers’ Union in a Decade is Expected to Form This Week

The owners of Star Garden Topless Dive Bar in North Hollywood expect to recognize and negotiate with a union of strippers who had been dismissed from the club in March 2022, when they protested for safe working conditions and picketed outside for months.

The negotiation is expected following a settlement hearing with union attorneys. When ballots are officially opened later this week, the strippers are expected to overwhelmingly win the union election, forming the first known union of strippers in the United States since the nation’s only unionized strip club, the Lusty Lady, closed in San Francisco in 2013.

The strippers will be represented by Actor’s Equity Association, which said in a statement that the two sides have agreed to meet across the bargaining table within 30 days to establish a first contract. The club will also bring back dancers who were dismissed last year.