BROADWAYWORLD: Celebrate National Swing Day With A Look At Broadway's Current Swings!

It's time to celebrate the people who keep so many shows afloat with their work ethic, adaptability and brains full of choreography: swings! As BroadwayWorld previously reportedActors' Equity is celebrating its fifth annual Swing Day today, January 15, honoring the hard-working performers who stay ready to go on at a moment's notice, for multiple roles. We're getting in on the celebration by highlighting some of the swings that are lighting up the stage both on Broadway and on national tours. Take a look below to see these hardworking cast members from Moulin RougeHamiltonMean Girls, and more!


A swing is a special member of the ensemble who learns multiple parts, or tracks, and is ready and able to cover for multiple members of the chorus. Depending on the last-minute need of a show, a swing could go on for any number of tracks, including those written for other genders, ages, or even more than one track at once!