Aneesh Sheth

I was a week away from graduating a semester early from my undergrad BFA program. I had just lost out on a Broadway show I had been workshopping for years; when they decided to move forward, they decided not to bring me along. I was crushed, heartbroken, confused and scared of the impending "real world."

Then I got a call from Robin Carus at TheaterWorks/USA. They needed an immediate replacement for an upcoming six-month tour. I went in for the call a day or two later. After my audition, I was asked to wait in the hall. It was late in the evening. I remember that because my parents were getting ready for bed when I called to tell them I booked and got my Equity Card! The tour? It was The Mystery of King Tut. I played King Tut.

I just passed my 15th year as a member of Actors’ Equity. My, how things have changed.

(Photo courtesy of Kurt Jones Photography.)