Actors’ Equity Association is committed to supporting the drive for diversity and inclusion in the theatre workspace, and we understand from first-hand experience that rewriting your operations with inclusion goals in mind can be daunting for an organization that never integrated social justice initiative into their theatre business strategy. We know also that theatre professionals thrive on collaboration, and we can put that spirit to work creating a more just industry together. To that end, we have begun to collect resources to help our colleagues navigate their inclusion journeys.

As you explore the resources, we encourage you to bear in mind that creating inclusive environments where all people can feel a sense of belonging requires significant personal and financial investments extending far beyond the stage, as well as a holistic change management strategy. We have so much work to do. Know also that Equity is striving alongside you. You can learn more about Equity’s inclusion journey on our D&I Retrofit webpages.

We hope these resources will be a support as we work together to #ChangeTheStage, and we welcome you to share with us anything you think may be good addition to this website. Email with your recommendations.