Working Dues

1. The following items are subject to the weekly working dues (currently at a rate of 2.5%) check-off deduction:

A.) All compensation, such as wages, overtime, sick leave, vacation pay, taping and recording payments, royalties, buy-outs and penalties.

B.) The portion of out-of-town expense or per diem monies that exceed the required Equity minimum, with the following exceptions:

Performers working on the Production Contract and Off-Broadway Contract in point of organization cities may file written confirmation with Equity that their tax home is other than the point of organization city in which they are working. For such performers, Equity will waive the payment of working dues on that portion of expense monies that are less than or equal to the Equity Production Contract minimum per diem rates.

2. Equity members who are self-incorporated are not exempt from Working Dues payments.

All Other Dues, Fees And Assessments

1. In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, we may, from time to time, be sending you letters asking you to make additional weekly deductions for Equity members’ initiation fees, basic dues and assessments. Authorization from the member for this deduction is included on the face of the individual employment contract. These deductions are separate and distinct from the working dues deductions. Any deductions for initiation fees, basic dues and assessments should begin the next possible payroll week after they are requested.

2. We wish to remind you that you are responsible for making these deductions when instructed to do so by our office. If our member raises any questions about these deductions, please refer the member to the Equity office. In such an instance, you should begin making deductions as requested and continue doing so unless you are advised to do otherwise by Equity.


1. Please do not combine dues payments with the payments that are required by the Equity-League Benefit Funds. The Funds are separately administered entities. Similarly, do not combine working dues deductions with deductions for initiation fee or basic dues. Payroll reports and all dues and fee payments should be filed weekly with the membership department. Please make your check payable to Actors' Equity Association, and clearly indicate whether it is in payment of working dues or weekly check-off deductions for initiation fee and/or basic dues.

2. All payments should be sent to the New York office:

Actors' Equity Association
Attn: Membership Department
165 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

3. Please note that failure to deduct and/or remit to Equity any working dues and/or any other requested deductions may result in the payout of such monies from your bond. For further information and assistance, contact the membership department at the above address.

Electronic Payment

If you wish to remit dues via an electronic bank transfer, please contact the membership associate connected to your agreement.

Weekly Contribution Reports