Here you will find safe and sanitary procedures that have been developed in collaboration with producers to create live theatre as the pandemic continues to abate in the United States. Equity developed these protocols with the supervision of Dr. David Michaels, former head of OSHA during the Obama Administration and member of President Biden's Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board, on establishing safe and sanitary procedures for theatrical work during COVID-19. 

The guidance on this page's menu (to the left on desktop; in the drop-down menu on mobile) contains the general memorandum of understanding for how to operate a safer workplace during the pandemic. Some bargaining partners have their own agreements with Equity on this matter. Please reach out to a business representative for the official rider you can use for your production. You can also find the requirements for in-person auditions and more.

Protocols Following a Positive Test: When notifying Equity of a positive COVID-19 test in the Production Group, please use Equity’s online form.

During the pandemic, Equity has implemented special remote work agreements and archive use agreements to exhibit work online. The union welcomes employers who are interested in issuing contracts for virtual performances, and interested parties should reach out to their business representative to learn more.