Winter 2018: Regional Theatre Report

COVER STORY: As part of Equity 2020, Actors’ Equity made a commitment to build a modern and strategic organizing program to help create more work opportunities for Equity members. Equity is making a down payment on that promise with the Regional Theatre Report, a study on work opportunities available to Equity members in the 28 Liaison Areas.


Tax Season is here! Learn what you need to know to file for 2017 and what to do to prepare for 2018 from Secretary/Treasurer (and licensed Tax Attorney) Sandra Karas.

In January we celebrated National Swing Day, honoring those unsung chameleons of the chorus. Check out Swing Days from across the country.

We remember recently deceased Councilor Emerita Jeanna Belkin, whose legacy includes the creation of the Equity-League Pension & Health Funds and the Equity Cot.

Plus, we visit Nashville and learn about Nashville Children's Theatre, meet the new leadership of Actors' Equity Foundation, honor Peter Friedman, Mary Testa, Arnie Burton and David Allen Jones, prepare for the biggest election in Equity's history and more.