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    Posted February 22, 2010

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Perfect Ten for DC/Baltimore Auditions

by Gregory Gorton , Balt/DC Area Liaison Committee

For the third successful year the Round House Theater In Silver Spring, Maryland hosted the Washington/Baltimore /Northern Virginia Equity regional Auditions for 2010.

Sponsored by the Washington/Baltimore Equity Liaison Committee, these auditions are in their ninth very productive and popular year. The Liaison Committee had been working tirelessly for months to ensure the that we continue to meet the high standards expected by all participants.

One hundred and forty nine Equity members from this region and beyond performed for over thirty casting and Artistic Directors from area theaters and points north and south. Thirty-two EMCs were also seen. An excellent start for 2010. If history is any gage, then this should be an excellent start or at least, a step in the right direction, for the careers of many of the actors auditioning in 2010.

These auditions have set a benchmark for regional auditions with many of the auditors expressing as much enthusiasm for them as the participating actors.

"At the Annual Membership Meeting of the Liaison Committee in November of 2009, a panel of five distinguished and well known Producing and Artistic Directors were asked how important these auditions were to them in their casting decisions. All five enthusiastically responded that they found the auditions useful and productive.

While the Equity auditions here in Washington/Baltimore have become a very important casting tool for the production community, the auditions continue to be a highlight of the season for the actors bringing their three minutes of monologue and/or song to this very receptive audience. Consider some of the following testimonials :

“I have already received a call from American Theater Ensemble and Olney Theatre thanks to these auditions, so thank YOU for all your hard work putting them together every year.” - Carolyn Agan, AEA

“ I received an audition from Olney Theatre for their upcoming production of Misalliance...thanks for the opportunity to be seen. It’s always a great experience." - Kevin Hasser, EMC

“I want to thank you for this fabulous opportunity. I greatly appreciated being able to attend, and to go on. You are the most organized and gracious folks, and that classy treatment meant the world to those of us waiting in the wings with pre-curtain jitters.” - Martha Karl, EMC

“Outside of a really well run and efficient process, I think the thing that stuck out was just how pleasant everyone was. Everyone was treated with respect and professionalism; as assets to the union and to the community. Those with nerves were calmed, and requests for updated information from those of us who were stand-bys were answered with insight and frankness and always politely. It also helps immensely to be told,”Go to lunch” or, “stick close”. As an EMC, I love the fact that the membership recognizes that I am doing my best to act in solidarity with them, and to treat them with graciousness, gratitude and respect. It is also nice to be recognized as a vital ingredient to the growth of the union. I can’t wait to be a full member!” - John C. Bailey, EMC

“Thanks a million for everything you did to make the auditions happen. It was my first time auditioning and I was very impressed.” - Vaughn Irving, AEA

“ I think the auditions are perfect for the D.C metropolitan market. Since I cross between acting, directing, producing and being a mom, the AEA auditions were a great way for me to let everyone know I was back on the market. I got some great feedback from people who thought I was elsewhere and I look forward to following up with old friends meeting new casting people. This is the first time I’ve done the auditions as I am usually on the other side of the table. They were well run, with efficient, professional and friendly volunteers at every step of the way.” - Lee Mikesa Gardner, AEA

“ I am 13 now. This was my second time at the DC/Baltimore/No.Va. Auditions, and this time was the best. I think it’s important to do this. It is always important to audition and maybe I will get another professional opportunity this year. The auditions ran smoothly and everyone was very warm and friendly. I felt like I was as an equal and a professional in every respect. People were interested in my experience and they were very helpful and nice. At an audition like this, I feel that I am building a reputation with a very influential group of people. It can be kind of nerve-wracking, but those running the auditions made me feel like I should be there. I have also gotten to know Carl Randolph, and he was very supportive. I was glad he was there, too. I fely very good about the whole experience and I plan to go again next year.” - AEA member and future Broadway star, Corrieanne Stein

We like to get them started young in the Washington/Baltimore region.

- Gregory Gorton

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