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    Updated November 2, 2009

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AEA Health Care Initiative – Call to Action!

Actors’ Equity is calling on all members to act now!

Thursday, November 5th will be a national day of mobilization to keep the pressure on lawmakers to ensure Congress passes health insurance reform legislation with a strong public plan.

Our second priority is that if all Americans are required to have health insurance, the rates for that coverage must be affordable.

We stand at the edge of a possibility for real health care reform. We are coming to the finish line and there are several critical steps left that demand we stay persistent and focused.

The first step is to ensure that this opportunity for healthcare reform is not lost.

The nation’s lawmakers have whittled down the myriad versions of health care reform to a single bill in each house. While these bills contain flaws, they also each contain a public option, a component that will bring us closer to affordability, access and better quality health care.

Our fight has been for a public option and it is there. We are committed to grappling with these flaws as the process moves forward; the point is to maintain the process. We cannot allow the insurance industry to once again, block our ability to get real reform.

What You Can Do

We are asking you to step up and fight to hold on to the very principle of choice that is a cornerstone in our democracy!

We are asking all Equity members to once again call your elected representatives and tell them:

  • We want meaningful health care reform now!

  • We want a public option and will not settle for less!

Call 1-877-323-5246 (1-877-3AFLCIO) and you will be patched through to your state Senators and House Representatives. Use the above talking points or put it in your own words.

Thank you

This is not the first time Equity has called on you in regard to the issue of health care reform and it will not be the last. A fight of this magnitude and with so much to gain or lose requires strength and consistency. We’re counting on that to win!

John P. Connolly
Executive Director Arne Gunderson
Chair, AEA Health Care Committee

Starting Monday, November 2, Pick up your "Health Care Can't Wait!" sticker(s), wear them to work and encourage your fellow artists, friends and family members to make the call.

Stickers will be available at the Equity HQ's in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and at the Orlando Florida office.

Click here to read AEA's Health Care October Update

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