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    Posted July 25, 2008

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New York, California, Illinois Unemployment Benefits Extended

13 Week Extension Funded By US Government - More States Sign On


On July 2, 2008, Gov. Patterson signed an agreement which would allow New York State to participate in the 13 week Unemployment Insurance extension funded by the Federal Government.  Payment of benefits under this program can commence with the week ending July 13, 2008 and will be made in the same amount as the claimant's regular weekly benefit amount and in the same form.  For example, if you chose the direct deposit option on your claim, you should verify that the information has not changed.  If you opted to receive benefits via a Direct Payment Card account, the Dept. of Labor will continue to transmit funds to that account.
 In order to be eligible for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits, you must:

  1. Be unemployed through no fault of your own;
  2. Have filed an initial claim for benefits on or after May 1, 2006;
  3. Have exhausted your regular benefits on your current claim or have had a claim with a benefit year ending May 6, 2007 or later;
  4. Meet basic state eligibility requirements, i.e., ready, willing and able to work, etc.
  5. Have no rights to regular or extended unemployment compensation under any other state or Federal law.

Payment of EUC benefits cannot be made retroactively, the first period being the week ending July 13, 2008 and new claims for extended benefits may be filed through the week ending March 29, 2009. However, no EUC benefits will be paid for any week after July 5, 2009.



Claims for the Federal Unemployment Insurance extension can be filed on or after July 6, 2008.  Claimants for these extended benefits must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be fully or partially unemployed on or after July 6, 2008;
  2. Have exhausted entitlement to benefits on a regular Unemployment Insurance claim;
  3. Are not qualified to file a new regular claim;
  4. Had a valid claim that began on or after May 7, 2006, and
  5. Meet all eligibility criteria.

In anticipation of heavy call volume, the EDD encourages potential claimants to apply online.  If you have no access to the internet, you can call 1-800-300-5616 (TTY: 1-800-815-9387) to find out if you are eligible for the extended Unemployment Insurance benefits.  Individuals who are found eligible will receive a weekly benefit equal to the regular claim and a maximum benefit amount that is the LESSER of: 50% of the maximum benefit amount of the regular claim, OR 13 times the weekly benefit amount of the regular claim.


On Monday, June 30, 2008, Governor Blagojevich took action for the State of Illinois to participate in the Federal Emergency Unemployment Insurance Program extending benefits for an additional 13 weeks effective July 6, 2008.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security will be sending letters of notification to all potentially eligible claimants with instructions for filing claims for these emergency benefits.  If your benefit year is currently active, the IDES will establish your claim and notify you of the certification procedure.  If your benefit year has ended, you will need to report to your local office to file an application for benefits.  If you are eligible and unemployed, your claim will be effective as of July 6, the earliest date allowed by Federal law and you should wait until you are instructed by the IDES to report to your local office.

In order to qualify for the Federal Emergency Unemployment benefits, you must:

  1.  Be currently unemployed and have exhausted all regular Unemployment Insurance benefits;
  2.  Not be eligible for any other state, Federal or Canadian benefits;
  3.  Have a benefit year expiration date which falls on or after May 1, 2007, and
  4.  Have earned wages in the base period which are at least one and one-half times the wages earned in the highest quarter.

The weekly benefit amount will be the same amount received while collecting regular
Unemployment Insurance benefits and will include any dependency allowance received as long as you remain eligible for this allowance.

Certification for these Federal benefits will take place after the weeks for which benefits are claimed are over and will begin during the week of July 21, 2008 for the previous two week period. Payment of extended benefits will be made in the same manner as your regular benefits, i.e., direct deposit, debit card or paper check.  No claim for these emergency benefits may be made after March 28, 2009 and no benefits will be paid after the week ending July 4, 2009.

For more information, contact Val LaVarco at 212.869.8530 x 327

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