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    Posted April 23, 2008

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Submitted by: Irene Adjan, South Florida Equity Liaison

With the success of our Day of Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity last June, the South Florida Equity Liaison Committee brought another group to help out on March 11th. Eight members of the Equity community gathered at the building site at 7:45am. The only complaint we received pertaining to our previous Habitat day was how incredibly hot it was. In South Florida in June it is easily 90 degrees, even at 7:45am in the morning. This time, in March, things were much more comfortable.

We were greeted by Jim, the Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat in Broward County, and Mary Lou, the Director of Construction. Mary Lou gave us a quick overview of Habitat, filled us in on the criteria for obtaining a Habitat home, and then gave us our assignments. Our task for the day was to “fur the walls.” I don’t believe any of us had a clue what that was, until now. We spent the morning hammering 1˝" X ˝” pieces of wood into the concrete block walls of both houses. This is apparently where the insulation goes - hence, “furring” the walls. We worked for about four hours, before we were told it was time to clean up.

The four houses we had worked on in June were much further along and we worked mainly on painting the trim. This time, there was a lot more elbow grease involved! “Oh, that glorious pain that comes with helping others!!” said Equity member Stacy Schwartz.

Once again, the people who volunteered had a very fulfilling and satisfying day. Said Equity Liaison committee member Amy London, “It was inspiring. It felt really good to have members of our Equity community reach out to the larger community. It was cool to have the names of the future inhabitants; I loved thinking of Angela on her front porch. I loved knowing that the wall furring we did would be inside those walls forever! It was very gratifying and I was really genuinely happy to be a part of the day.” That sense of doing something tangeble and lasting was felt by George Kapetan, as well: “It is gratifying to build things which will last, especially a house which will become a home. It may last longer than any of we who collaborated on that beautiful morning, just as our work onstage will resonate in the hearts and minds of our audience long after our passing. It is our privilege to give.” Those sentiments were echoed by Angie Radosh: “I found it to be a very satisfying experience and I took great pride in being part of it . . . not self-pride, but pride for my fellow Equity members . . . we are in a profession that is so much about self and ego,thinking about our own needs, and to see it all laid aside as we shared this common desire to help those less fortunate, was truly special.. I am so glad I could do it!”

As the Chair of the Liaison Committee, organizing this event has become one of the most satisfying things I do. On a personal level, it is incredibly gratifying. There is something about putting on your work clothes and literally building something that is improving and helping the community. I look forward to the next one. It was another wonderful day and I want to thank the volunteers that gave of their time and energy that day: Peter Haig, George Kapetan, Amy London, Angie Radosh, Stacy Schwartz, Barbara Sloan, and Carl Waisanen.

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