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    Posted January 9, 2007

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Earnings, Employment and Membership Study For 2005-2006 Season Released By AEA

The Annual Study on Earnings, Employment and Membership for the 2005-2006 Season has been released by Actors' Equity. The comprehensive study, illustrated with charts and graphs, reports the economic and employment trends in the more than 40 contracts administered nationwide by the Union. It also offers a snapshot profile of the more than 45,000 members, the three Regional areas (Eastern, Central and Western) of the Union and Equity's financial profile.

Click here to view the complete study (Document Library).

Indicators show continued growth in both earnings and employment for key contracts areas, including the Production Contract (which covers Broadway and Tours), League of Resident Theatres (LORT) and Developing Theaters. Overall, employment remains steady in all three regions.

Among the statistics covered in the report, highlights include:

  • The total number of workweeks reached 299,493 during the season. The Eastern Region workweeks have remained relatively steady in comparison to the prior season, with a downward tick of less than one percent, while there has been a 9.6% growth in the Central Region and a 4.5% growth in the Western Region. (A workweek is defined as one week of work by one member)

  • The Production Contract, which covers Broadway and Tours (69,216 workweeks). LORT (59,250 workweeks) and Developing Theatre (49,670 workweeks) were the top three generators for employment.

  • Touring weeks have increased to 27,852, nearly 6,000 of which were in the Experimental Touring Program category of the Production Contract.

  • On average, 5,759 members were employed each week on Equity contracts. Of these, 3,667 were principal contracts, 1,187 were chorus and 905 were stage managers. For the overall season, 17,372 members were employed.

  • Overall, member earnings reached a nationwide annual total of $297,435,136. The study showed the annual median earnings to be $7,040.

  • Earnings, over the last ten seasons have grown by 57.9%, while workweeks over the same period grew by 16.5%.

  • The top ten cities in which Equity members reside are New York (15,842), Los Angeles (7,505), Chicago (1,380), San Francisco (905), Washington D.C./Baltimore (783), Philadelphia (774), Boston (724), Orlando (463), Minneapolis/St. Paul (431), Seattle (395).

Actors' Equity Association was founded in 1913 and represents more than 45,000 Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theater as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. Through its affiliation with the Four A's, Equity is a member of the AFL-CIO and is also a member of FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions.

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