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Posted November 18, 2005

First Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) Day Draws Eager Participants in All Regions

The Entry to Equity Committee and the Central Membership Education Committee sponsored an EMC (Equity Membership Candidate) question and answer session that was held on November 1st in New York, Chicago and LA. This well-received national event was attended by 70 EMC's across the country.

Staff and committee members offered information with the use of a power point presentation and created an open forum for questions and the exchange of ideas. Refreshments, brochures and giveaways such as pens, mugs and pins were also provided.

In each city, the EMC’s expressed their delight that Equity had reached out to them and encouraged more contact and events in the future. If you would like more information about the EMC program or would like to share a success story, anecdote or insight involving the Equity Membership Candidate Program please email Keep an eye on the website too for news and upcoming events.

EMC Frank Calamaro summed up the event in New York: "Thank you and all of the Equity staff members for the informative meeting and discussion. I hope there will be similar meetings in the future. Be well, and keep up the wonderful work you do for the Union and all the performers Equity represents."

Kudos to Kevin McMahon, Councillor/Chair of National Entry to Equity Committee and Amy Dolan, National Outreach/Education Coordinator; for inspiring this event.

Special thanks to participating Councillors, Board, Committee members Conard Fowkes, Nancy Daly, Michael Dotson, Lisa Gordon, S. Marc Jordan, Ron Keaton, Tom Miller; and Ivy Bethune; and staff members Michael Ankney, Richard Colucci, Susan DeGracia, John Holly, Chris Lagalante, David Lotz, Megann McNanus, Peter Mojica, Richard Ostlund, JP Regit, Pam Spitzner.

EMCs at the recent EMC Q&A day in New York City

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