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May 31, 2005

Changes Adopted For Midsize Agreement

Council has approved the recommendations of the three Regional Midsize Theatre Contract Committees for a revised Midsize Agreement, which can be used in theatres up to 699 seats outside of Equity office cities. The Committees had polled the Advisory Committee on Chorus Affairs, the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, Equity Principal Audition Committee, Alien And Stage Managers' Committees before forwarding proposals to Council.

The Midsize Theatre Agreement is promulgated and designed for theatres seating up to 699 outside of office cities. It is used for a single production, not for seasonal operations. Minimum salaries are based on six tiers determined by potential weekly box office. The use of non-professionals is not permitted, nor may the contract be used for touring. Housing is provided by the producer at no cost to the Actor and a per diem is included.

It was determined that the basic work rules did not need modification at this time. It was the belief of the Committee, however, that the agreement continues to be in the "growing phase" in terms of the economics and it was recommended that the minimum salary and overtime be increased by 3% in the first year and Cost of Living the following year of the two-year agreement. The pact also contains provisions for long-term salary adjustments (LOTSA) for anyone continuing in a production. The insurance rate is the actuarial rate and the Supplemental Workers' Compensation is $4. Overtime rates increase annually at the same percentage as the minimum salary.

Under the new agreement, Minimum salaries for Actors range from $498 weekly to $890; for Assistant Stage Mangers, from $559 to $1001 and for Stage Managers, from $622 to $1,112.

Central Regional Director Kathryn V. Lamkey oversees the Midsize Agreement.

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