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Dues & Fees

Equity's dues structure has two components:

  • Basic Dues, $118 per year, billed at $59 semi-annually each May and November
  • Working Dues, 2.25% of gross earnings under Equity contract, which are collected via weekly payroll deductions

The maximum Equity earnings subject to Working Dues are $300,000 per year. Please note: gross earnings do not include the minimum portion of out-of-town per diem expense monies.

Initiation Fee
Equity's initiation fee is currently $1,100 and must be paid within a maximum two-year period. You are cautioned that your membership, and any monies paid, will be forfeited should you fail to complete payment of the full initiation fee within the two-year period of time.
All membership privileges, including the right to vote, attend meetings and Equity-only auditions, commence upon the initial payment of $400 towards the initiation fee within six months of filing your application.

Billing Periods
Equity's billing periods are May and November of each year; bills are mailed in April and October, and payment is due by May 31 and November 30, respectively.
Payments can be made by credit card or by check in the Member Portal. Additionally, payments can be made by phone, or dropped off or mailed to any Equity office. Cash, check, money order or Visa/MasterCard is accepted.

Check Off Deductions
As a convenience, each Equity contract includes a dues authorization clause. This allows for the weekly deduction of appropriate dues and fees from salary while working under an Equity agreements. (See table in right hand column.)

Membership Refund Policy

  • Payments made by Members of Actors’ Equity to satisfy dues, fees, and late charges will not be refunded.
  • Overpayments by Members of AEA will be refunded upon request of the Member via phone to the membership department at an Equity office or e-mail to
  • Actors’ Equity Association reserves the right to refuse or terminate a membership in AEA in accordance with Equity’s membership policies, the AEA Constitution and By-Laws, and consistent with federal law.
  • If a new applicant or a rejoining applicant is refused membership a refund of the initiation fee paid will be made.
  • Membership resignation received in writing to an Equity office shall not relieve a member of any obligations or moneys that the member owed or was assessed prior to the date of such resignation.

All refund requests must be made by the applicant or member.  Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment or may be refunded by check.  These above policies apply to all AEA memberships unless otherwise noted in the corresponding Equity materials. Please read all Equity information thoroughly.  All question about union membership or payment of union dues should be directed to

Click here for Change of Address, Name Change, Temporary Withdraw/Suspended Payment and further Membership Information and Procedures.


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Check Off Deductions

Gross Salary Weekly Deduction
$100-250 $25
$251-300 $30
$301-350 $35
$351-400 $40
$401-450 $45
$451-500 $50
$501-600 $75
$601-800 $100
$801 + $125

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