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What should I do if I'm injured on the job?

If I'm injured on the job, should I use my personal health insurance when I go to the doctor?

What happens if I am disabled and incapable of working due to an injury incurred on the job?

I may not know for several days if I will have to take an extended disability leave, but in the meantime I am out of the show. When can I file for SWCI? Can I have SWCI if I do not take a leave of absence? What paperwork do I need? How do I file it?

I was injured and my sick days were used. Can I get those back?

My doctor says I need to be out of work for six to eight weeks (or any period of time longer than one-two weeks). Now what?

I was injured on my way to work from the provided housing, but not actually in the theatre. Am I covered?

I’ve gone to my personal physician for laryngitis. He says I have vocal strain and need to be on vocal rest. How do I file for Workers’ Comp and SWCI? Will the fact that I have already seen my doctor impact my ability to prove my case?

I am injured on the job. I know I have to fill out an accident report form (known as a C-2 in N.Y. State), but from whom do I get it and with whom do I file it? Do I need more than one copy to file with other people/agencies?

Does the “waiting week” mean that I must wait one week to file, or that I may file immediately but benefits don’t “kick in” for one week? Does this week get tacked on to the end of my claim?

What should I do if my injury occurred in a different state from my permanent residence?

Should I report repetitive stress injuries?

Will Workers' Compensation assist with payments for chiropractic care?

I have to go to the emergency room from the theatre immediately following my injury. My claim is not yet opened so what insurance information do I give to the hospital regarding my payment?

I’ve returned the Supplemental Coverage Packet to Equity and my doctor has submitted the Physician’s Statement. What do I do now?

How much money can I get? Is this even worth the bother?

I was injured a few months ago and am still out of work. Is there anything I can do now?

What is an Injury/Illness Report Follow-Up?


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