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AEA President

From the President

Beginners, Please
By Nick Wyman

October 27, 2014

AEA President Nick Wyman

President Nick Wyman
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I love fall. It speaks to me of new beginnings: the school year, Rosh Hashanah, football season, the theatre season. There’s a whole new crop of job possibilities. Any show is a potential success. Your football team could win the playoffs. Everything seems possible.

I got my Equity card exactly forty years ago, so I am (absent some cryogenic breakthroughs) hardly at the beginning of my AEA career. But, AEA itself has a number of new beginnings to celebrate this fall. Starting in Chicago, we have launched a new campaign — #AskIfItsEquity — to draw theatregoers’ attention to what they are paying for when they buy tickets to a touring musical in the local “Broadway” series. We plan to maintain, improve and increase our presence in the national touring market. You can follow our campaign on Twitter and Facebook, and you can help us out with retweets/favorites and likes/shares.

We have a new beginning in Los Angeles with our gorgeous new building, complete with our first-ever L.A. Equity Audition Center. Whether you have an audition or not, go tour the building: I guarantee it will make you proud to be an Equity member. This building, however, is merely the outward and visible sign of our reinvigorated focus on and commitment to our Los Angeles members. We are also beginning to survey our members in L.A. to discover their knowledge and understanding of our contracts and agreements in the L.A. area, their attitudes and concerns about those agreements and their ideas and suggestions for the future. Additionally, a number of focus groups will be convened for more in-depth exploration and discussion. All of this research will inform the Council as it formulates its plans for the future of Equity theatre in Los Angeles.

New York has its part in AEA’s new beginnings as the site of the National Council’s 2014 Plenary. As I write this, the entire Council is meeting in plenary session to review and improve our governance and decision making process. This is an ongoing effort that began with how we conduct our elections (we are now in compliance), and it will continue as we examine the committee structure. We, your elected leaders, are laboring to ensure that Equity is responsive, efficient and effective as it works on your behalf.

It’s an exciting time. Though I’m more of an aging professor, I feel like a kid on the first day of school. Your staff and your elected leaders are committed to giving you the best and most forward-looking union representation in the world. In 49 years, AEA will celebrate its 150th anniversary. (You can start now composing your Double-Dactyls using the word “sesquicentennial.”) I won’t be here (blast those cryogenics!), but some of you AEA beginners and near-beginners reading this will be. Please keep up the good work. Keep looking forward. Keep creating possibilities. Keep beginning.

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Long-time Councillor Nick Wyman is elected the President of Actors' Equity Association

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