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June 9, 2003

Urgent message from President Patrick Quinn - vote "YES" on SAG-AFTRA consolidation

My fellow Equity members:

I will keep this very short............but if you are a member of AFTRA and/or SAG, this email is vitally important to you.

You have a chance to solidify your future in the next few days and weeks. Ballots are now being mailed to all SAG and AFTRA members for you to vote for the "Consolidation and Affiliation" of these two unions.

I not only urge you, I implore you to vote "YES."

I am sure that you have received enough information to answer your questions about the proposed merger, and so I will not go into the specifics here. If, however, you feel you need more answers, please log on to the website www.partnershipforpower.org and read the material provided or click on ‘informational meetings’ for a schedule of meetings near you.

The Officers and Councillors that you have elected to represent you in the Council of Actors' Equity Association have voted UNANIMOUSLY to support the concept of Consolidation and Affiliation of AFTRA and SAG.

This merger is the only way that these two unions will have the strength to combat the media conglomerates that are taking over the industry. Your future is at stake.........vote YES as soon as you receive your ballot. And if you are a member of both SAG and AFTRA, make sure you vote on each union's ballot. (If you are on tour, please have someone forward your ballot(s) to you immediately. Your vote must be in by June 30th.

During my term as President, I have seen Equity form historic alliances with other unions that have made huge strides for you as actors and stage managers. Now, this is your chance to make history as SAG and AFTRA members.

As the character of Benjamin Franklin in "1776" says so wisely:
"If we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

In Solidarity,

Patrick Quinn
and your Council of Actors' Equity Association

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