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Touring News: The Road Campaign

Current List of Equity Tours, Non-Equity and Non-Union Tours, and Non-Equity Jurisdictions

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Add Equity To Your Bio

The success of the recent 2004 Production Contract negotiations has focused the spotlight on the enormous contributions Actors make to the American theater. Across the country, audiences are becoming more aware of Actors' Equity Association and what membership in our Union means to the theater as a whole and the high quality of artistry and professionalism that Equity members bring to every production. With that in mind, we ask you add to your program/souvenir book bios that you are an Equity member. Here are some suggestions:

AEA member
Equity member
Equity member since 19xx
Member of Actors' Equity
Proud member of Actors' Equity
Proud member of Equity

MISS SAIGON Added to AFL-CIO Boycott List

The AFL-CIO has added the non-Equity tour of MISS SAIGON to its national boycott list at the request of the Actors’ Equity Association. Actors’ Equity is mounting a national campaign under the slogan “Fair Wages All Stages” to publicize the growing problem of non-Equity road shows produced by Big League Theatricals and other companies. AFL-CIO boycott information:


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