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April 24, 2003

Join the Fight for Housing Rights

Tenants and Neighbors is an organization that fights for tenant's rights and affordable housing, concentrating on New York State. They would like Equity members to join with them in urging New York legislators to strengthen and expand existing rent laws.

The group is organizing a "Tenants Day of Action" on Tuesday, May 13 in Albany. For more details and to register, go to http://www.tandn.org/showdown_2003/sd_1.html.

For more information about Tenants and Neighbors and their mission, see their web site at http://www.tandn.org

Their site provides a sample letter to send to legislators, and a convenient link to search for the names of New York City representatives:
New York State Assembly
New York State Senator

Sample Letter

This is a model - it's better if you use your own words. Please send a copy of your letters, and a copy of any responses, to:
Tenants & Neighbors
105 Washington Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10006-1815


Hon. (Representative's Name)
New York State Assembly
Albany, N.Y. 12248
Hon. (Representative's Name)
New York State Senate
Albany, N.Y. 12247

Dear Mr./Ms. (Representative's Last Name)
Please make sure that our rent laws are strengthened and expanded when they are renewed later this year.
Because of loopholes in the rent laws, we are losing rent-regulated apartments at an alarming rate. A simple renewal of the laws "as is" is not good enough to protect tenants and affordable housing. In particular, I urge you to repeal vacancy decontrol before we lose more affordable apartments.
I appreciate your past support for tenants' rights and am hoping that we can count on you to fight for us again this year.


(Sign your name)

(Print your name)

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