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December 4, 2002

Equity Council Passes Resolutions on Special Touring

Council Resolutons on touring, November 22, 2002

  • Resolved that information about touring issues be placed in Equity News and on the Equity website;
  • Referred a resolution to conduct a national survey back to the Ad Hoc Committee for future consideration;
  • Rejected a recommendation from the Eastern Regional membership meeting of October 4, 2002, which called for "ratification of variations and concessions for first class national tours deviating from the current standard Production Contract by members who have worked the Production Contract within the last five years;" The Council felt that the resolution was not necessary, due to the committee process that is already in place and because the casts of existing Broadway companies will be invited to participate in the committee process when a potential tour is being discussed.
    Further, ratification of concessions would be extremely costly, untimely, and unwieldy, taking both funds and staff time away from other essential union services. It was noted that ratification, which would have to be done for all negotiations and concessions (from special agreements to a change in a performance schedule on Broadway), would take from four to eight weeks and cost in excess of $15,000 every time.
  • Approved a motion that any special agreements for first National Tours that are direct from Broadway must be referred for approval to the Council;
  • Instructed the staff that when a request is made for a "direct from Broadway" tour, that members of the affected company be invited to attend the meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee.
  • Reaffirmed the authority of the Ad Hoc Committee re Touring issues to execute agreements on shows, (except first nationals direct from Broadway) within certain criteria.

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