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December 11, 2002

South Florida Equity Members Meet in Boca Raton

Florida Membership On Monday, December 2, Eastern Regional Director Carol Waaser and Southeast Traveling Rep George Hamrah traveled to Boca Raton for the South Florida Membership Meeting, held at the Caldwell Theatre, which 37 members attended.

Seven members were elected or re-elected to the Area Liaison Committee. Re-elected members are Amy London, Wayne Steadman, Margot Moreland, Angie Radosh and Margery Lowe. New members elected are Wayne LeGette and Laura Turnbull with Lourelene Snedeker and James Danford elected as alternates. There was lively discussion on the issue of touring - Councilor Margot Moreland urged members not to think of this as just a New York issue but to recognize it as something that will ultimately affect all of us.

Ms. Waaser reported on upcoming changes in the health plan and reminded members who are on the indemnity plan to use Beech Street doctors whenever possible. Members asked staff about how auditions are supposed to be run under the SPT Contract and noted that some theatres seem to be violating Equity procedures. Waaser reported that staff will look into the matter.

Iris Acker reminded everyone about the new half-price ticket policy for Equity members at virtually all South Florida Equity theatres (certain restrictions apply). A holiday reception followed the meeting.

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