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September 29, 2003


Actors, local labor unions to protest against the use of non-union actors and stage managers in MISS SAIGON - Tuesday, Sept. 30

This week, the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia presents the non-Equity touring production of MISS SAIGON. The actors and stage managers in this production are not members of Actors' Equity Association, the union that represents stage actors and stage managers, and are not receiving the fair wages and benefits they deserve.

Actors' Equity and other Philadelphia local unions will demonstrate in the form of a creative event (THE JOBLESS CHRONICLES - see below) outside the Merriam Theater to call attention to the fact that Big League Theatricals, the producer of this touring show, continues to bring non-Equity productions to major metropolitan theatrical hubs without providing fair wages and benefits. Repeated requests by Actors' Equity to sit down and negotiate have been ignored. Further, ticket prices for non-Equity shows are similar to Equity shows - but where are the profits going from the non-Equity productions? The public deserves to know what they are getting when they buy a ticket.

This event marks the beginning of a major campaign by Actors' Equity Association to organize non-Equity tours of Broadway productions.

WHO: Actors' Equity Association members and the Philadelphia labor movement
WHAT: Demonstration to demand that Big League Theatricals treat MISS SAIGON actors and stage managers fairly
*Actors' Equity members will present THE JOBLESS CHRONICLES, a rousing one-act musical built around the true stories of a laid off steelworker, an 80-year-old textile worker whose plant recently shut down, a restaurant worker from "Windows on the World" at Ground Zero and a fictionalized story of a MISS SAIGON cast member who runs away from the fraudulent production.
WHERE: Across the street from the Merriam Theater, which is located at 250 South Broad Street, Philadelphia
WHEN: Tuesday, September 30, 2003
7 pm sharp

Photo ops will be available.

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