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July 17, 2003

Nominations Now Being Accepted for the Lucy Jordan Recognition Award

Open to Residents in the Western Region Who Best Typify The Spirit of Lucy Jordan - Deadline for Submission is August 1, 2003

Nominations are now being accepted for the upcoming Lucy Jordan Recognition Award in the Western Region. The Lucy Jordan Award, named in honor of the beloved actor, stage manager and Equity staff member, is given annually to a resident in the Western Region who exemplifies her spirit. Ms. Jordan, a longtime field representative for Equity in the Western Region, died on May 15, 1992.

Nominations should be submitted to Western Regional Stage Managers' Committee, Actors' Equity, 5757 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90036 by August 1st.

Equity Stage Manager Art Brickman recalls how the award was founded:

"Shortly after Lucy died, I spoke with Michael Wolf before a Stage Managers Committee meeting about some of the ways Lucy had influenced our approach to being a better Stage Manager, and some of the little things she had taught us to think about. Each recollection was met by another saying 'She did that for you? Me, too! I thought I was the only one.' We both realized that Lucy had made us feel as if each was getting her special attention… and we instinctively knew then that she'd done it for all of 'her' actors and stage managers…and how sad it would be if that rare talent and extraordinary compassion were to fade from our memory.

During the meeting Michael officially introduced the idea of creating an award. Based on the idea of 'above and beyond the call of duty', we felt that Actors and Stage Managers benefited often from the passion of others, specifically those who embodied what we saw as the 'spirit of Lucy' in doing the extra things that so positively affected our work and our lives as Lucy had. These were people we wanted to recognize, and what better way to honor Lucy's memory than to create such an award in her name?

How can I nominate someone?

The recipient of the award need not be a member of our union. He/she can be anyone who affects our members in a noteworthy manner. Because of this, any member of the union can nominate someone to be recognized.

The Stage Managers' Committee accepts nominations from members, and a subcommittee narrows the field for final decision by the committee as a whole. To prevent conflict of interest, a subcommittee member may not make a nomination, and no committee member may be nominated.

Winners receive an engraved plaque, and also have their names engraved on a plaque in the Western Region office, along with past winners. It is a marvelous 'cast list', and an honor to be included. Some of our past recipients include Iggy Wolfington, Howard Caine, Tom Rolla and Keith Stava, Patty McDonald, John Cauble, Frank Young, Gary Marthaler, Shawn Newmann, and Dr. Barry Kohn.

Lucy Finney began her career as a ballerina and danced as a musical chorus gypsy. She met Glenn Jordan, a Stage Manager, and fell in love, becoming a wife and mother. Later, when Glenn became a producer, she wore the hat of Associate Producer for the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera. When Glenn passed away, she knew she still needed the theatre in her life, and applied for the position of Field Representative for the Western Region of AEA.

The position could rightly have been called 'official surrogate mother' the way she expanded her family to include all whose passion was the theatre and the union. She was a friend, an advisor, and a confidant to principals, chorus and stage manager alike. Whether at auditions, first rehearsals, opening nights or membership meetings, her office was open to us all. Her home phone number was given to, and used by, many who needed to resolve an emergency or seek an opinion. She recruited me to help monitor auditions, and alerted me, more than once, that she 'happened to hear' about a company needing a stage manager for an upcoming show. I often heard actors ask her advice at auditions regarding which songs to sing, which parts to audition for, what to wear. She was a straight shooter, and actors listened. She fielded questions from non-members about the union, and was our greatest booster. Fiercely defending AEA to those who'd besmirch our name, she'd regularly encourage members to attend meetings and get involved. For many people in the Western Region, Lucy was the face of the union. I'm proud to have been her union brother, and a part of her family.

Art Brickman
Los Angeles, July 2003

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