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November 25, 2003

HOW TO SCARE YOUR LANDLORD - Mortgage Seminar 12/1/03

It's easier than you think. Just tell your landlord you plan to attend the Mortgage Seminar Monday, December 1st, from 6 to 8 pm in the 14th floor conference room at AEA. Co-sponsored by Equity's Housing Committee and the Actor's Federal Credit Union, the Mortgage Seminar features brief, to-the-point presentations by a mortgage broker, a real estate lawyer, a realtor, and an AFCU representative, followed by a Q and A. It's open to Equity members and anyone else who belongs to AFCU member organizations. Over the past few years, every time this Seminar has been held, the same thing has happened: more renters have transformed themselves into homeowners with the AFCU's help. Whether you're actively househunting or just planning to someday, the AFCU's mortgage program is worth investigating. Your landlord probably never told you, but the AFCU finances coops, condos, houses and 2nd homes, and they also offer refinancing and home equity loans. All their rates are very competitive, and their lower margin rate can mean significant savings over the life of a loan. For more information check out www.actorsfcu,com and look for "Commonly Asked Mortgage Questions". Historically low interest rates are turning more renters into homeowners every day. Come see if you're next.

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