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October 16, 2002

Equity Approves Contracts for 7 NYC Theatres

Actors' Equity has ratified negotiated contracts for 7 prominent Off-Off Broadway theatre companies in New York City. The theatres are all members of ANTC, the Association of Non-Profit Theatre Companies in New York.

According to Patrick Lee, Equity Business Representative for Developing Theatres in New York City, the following theatres are now under special agreements:

  • Atlantic Theatre Company
  • Classic Stage Company
  • MCC Theatre
  • Primary Stages
  • Signature Theatre
  • Vineyard Theatre
  • Women's Project and Productions

Weekly minimum salaries for Actors this season range from $250 to $354, depending upon the theatre's individual agreement. The salaries were increased by 3% to 10% from last season.

In 2003-04, Actors' minimums will range from $260 to $364.

Stage Manager minimums will range $304 to $445 for 2002-03 and from $313 to $457 for 2003-2004. Assistant Stage Managers will range from $270 to $384 for 2002-03, and from $280 to $403 in 2003-04.

With one exception, the theatres' health contributions will increase by 21% over two years, with 8% pension contributions for the actors and stage managers.

Each agreement will also have terms in a side letter and a separate developmental agreement. Terms vary from theatre to theatre. According to Lee, "a significant gain was to clearly define the duties of Assistant Stage Managers. The side letters have a clause that states what the primary duties of the ASM are. We basically got the theatres to agree that an ASM is not a glorified stagehand."

Among other terms are:

Production specific auditions must be held for each production; with at least one day of chorus auditions in case of a musical

Clothing rentals - rates have been increased by 50% to equal Off Broadway rates

Dance Captain - now required whenever there is musical staging or choreography, with a minimum increment of $40 plus weekly contractual salary

David Lotz
Director of Communications
October 16, 2002

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