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December 9, 2002

Council Passes Resolution Encouraging Increased Communications Between Actors Equity, AFTRA, SAG - AEA's Eisenberg to Meet with AFTRA President Connolly and SAG CEO Pisano in Los Angeles

Actors' Equity Executive Director Alan Eisenberg will meet with AFTRA and SAG officials during an upcoming trip to Los Angeles on December 10th and 11th. Eisenberg's visit follows a resolution from Equity's Council "encouraging increased communication among SAG, AFTRA and AEA, leading to joint action on matters of mutual concern." The resolution further recommended "that a meeting of the National Presidents and National Executives be held and that a dialogue be initiated to explore how the regional / local boards of each organization in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles may open lines of communication."

President Patrick Quinn, who is a long-time member of all three unions, said he was "always eager" to expand the dialogue with his peers at AFTRA and SAG. "John Connolly (AFTRA National President), Eileen Henry (SAG NY Local President), Anne Gartlan (AFTRA NY Local President) and I have already met on many occasions about a variety of issues. Quinn added that he hopes to meet with President Gilbert as soon as possible. "With global corporate entities now controlling the media and live entertainment, there's a lot of work that needs to be done on behalf of performing artists." Quinn is currently working in New York and is unable to attend the LA meeting.

Eisenberg said the Council's resolutions "expressed growing concern about a variety of issues, including organizing, loss of jobs, affordable housing, rising health costs, and legislative matters on the state and national level." He added that he has already met SAG President Melissa Gilbert and SAG-CEO Bob Pisano. "Our discussions were cordial and quite informative." Eisenberg noted that he also talks regularly with AFTRA National Executive Director, Greg Hessinger, who is based in New York.

President Patrick Quinn said that Actors' Equity fully supports SAG and AFTRA on many issues, including the SAG/AFTRA commercial strike, SAG's current Global Rule One initiative and AFTRA's efforts to set term limits on recording contracts.

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