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October 23, 2002

URGENT! An Appeal to Members Living in New York State to Support COBRA Subsidy Bill

A grass roots letter writing campaign is urgently needed to gain passage of the COBRA Subsidy Bill in the New York State Senate. This important bill would provide a 50% subsidy of COBRA payments for up to 12 months for people in the Entertainment Industry whose employer-paid health insurance expires.

Please print this letter, sign it and mail it to Senator Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's Albany office. (Acrobat Reader required.)

Sending your letter by mail will have much greater impact than faxing or e-mailing it. Be sure to include your printed name and home address in New York State.

We need to blitz Senator Bruno - he is the one who will decide whether this bill comes before the Senate in this session. Your letter must be in his office by mid-November.

Send this URL: http://www.actorsfund.org/ahirc/detail.cfm?univ_id=3050&cat=142&st=NY by e-mail to every person and organization you think may be interested in this campaign.


The Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Coalition initiated a COBRA Subsidy bill sponsored by Richard Brodsky in the Assembly and Kemp Hannon in the Senate. The bill proposes that the state of New York pay half the cost of COBRA premiums for up to one year for members who have become ineligible for union benefits.

The Assembly bill (A7660-D) passed unanimously in June. We are urging Majority Leader Joseph Bruno to bring the Senate bill (S6308) to a vote when the Senate goes back into session before the end of this year.

The Actors' Fund is beginning an industry-wide letter writing campaign to urge Senator Joseph Bruno to support the COBRA Subsidy bill and bring it to a vote as soon as the senate reconvenes. Our seriousness about getting this bill passed will be measured by the quantity of mail received on this issue at Senator Bruno's office in Albany. The following actions will assure our success:

  1. Have the introduction and the sample letter posted on your union/guild/organization website.
  2. Make hard copies of the letter available at all offices and venues.
  3. Distribute it at all meetings and conferences.
  4. Forward this e-mail with the letter to everyone you know who is part of or cares about the entertainment community.

Let's do everything we can, right now, to get this bill passed before the end of the year.

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