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    Posted November 1, 2011

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Lend Me An Ear Raises $$ for ATL Food Bank

Just in time for the Holidays, Atlanta's 8th Annual "Lend Me an Ear" was another huge hit for the Atlanta Community Food Bank! For 2 successive nights, October 24 and 25, our community of actors and crew, known as The Tri-Union Radio Players, really delivered the goods! "Hi-Fi Sci-Fi & Horror" had major "High Finance" happening!

The net proceeds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank came to $2298- ANOTHER NEW RECORD!! That's $16,177.92 in buying power with their food partners! That ratio of $7.04 for every $1.00 donated really helped the money go farther. They are extremely grateful for our efforts, especially during these tough economic times in America today. It shows the true humanity of a community when it comes together for a great cause! Here's a big "THANK YOU" to the audience members and volunteers who showed their support for the Food Bank by participating in the glorious "Theater of the Imagination". And, of course, much love and affection to our incredible office staff of Melissa Goodman and Alison Wise.

We were fortunate to have 2 venues for the event this year, the New American Shakespeare Tavern, where we have been since the beginning, and the Wieuca Road Baptist Church. Many thanks to these folks who really showed their generosity by providing a place to raise funds for the ACFB and recreate and keep alive these old programs from the Golden Age of Radio: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Lights Out, Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, and X Minus One.

May I just say to our multi-talented cast, to all 45 plus (also a new record): I'm so very proud that we have you here in the Southeast, representing the best of our union talent pool. I'm glad that everyone enjoys "hanging out" with one another, not just once every Fall for LMAE, but all throughout the year. It's a real tribute to the spirit of unionism in a Right-to-Work-for-Less State. We are so much stronger and confident working together as a group here in Georgia. Your volunteerism is exemplary and we on the local AFTRA Board and SAG Council look forward to seeing more of you at upcoming meetings and events, such as the General Membership meeting on November 8 at Screen Gems.

Our indebtedness to the men and women who originally created these gorgeous gems for radio these many years ago. We just lost 101 year-old Norman Corwin, a radio pioneer who penned many a memorable piece for the airwaves. We do these shows for the sheer joy of reproducing them and to stimulate our sense of sound, for generations today and hopefully for those to come-- and to keep alive the Art of Radio Acting.

And so, until next year, when we present yet another installment of "Lend Me an Ear", this is your friendly producer Barry Stoltze signing off saying, "Happy Listening, everybody"!

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