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    Posted December 14, 2011

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Jeanna Belkin Feted; Named Special Advisor to Equity's P&H Trustees

Nick Wyman and Jeanna

Council, staff, colleagues, friends and family attended a reception honoring Jeanna Belkin following the Council meeting on November 15, 2011. The occasion was Ms. Belkin's retirement as an Equity Trustee of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds and her designation as Special Advisor to the Trustees.

Equity President Nick Wyman was the first of several speakers who spoke glowingly of Ms. Belkin and her accomplishments. Mr. Wyman thanked her "for being my personal angel and for being a guiding angel to both the Funds and to the Association." Chris Brockmeyer, a League Trustee, noted: "It is largely because of you and your 47 years on the Fund, your stewardship, your guidance and your leadership for all those years, that, through thick and thin, through the 2008 financial crisis that we stayed in the green zone-one of only 20% of all multi-employee plans." Former Equity Executive Director Alan Eisenberg, who had served as a Trustee with Ms. Belkin for many years, praised her "absolute dedication, absolute sincerity, absolute honesty."

Madeline Fallon, Judy Rice, and Jeanna Belkin

Paul Libin, another League Trustee, said, "You will never have a Trustee with the ferocity, the loyalty and the dedication that she always projected," adding that for Ms. Belkin "the actor was the most important thing and she was always committed to that." Harry Weintraub, an employee trustee was unable to attend, but sent a letter which was read by Mr. Wyman: "It's been an honor to serve as a Trustee with Jeanna, an honor, and an education and an inspiration."

Madeleine Fallon, Chair of the Equity portion of the Trustees, said: "Jeanna has been my mentor; she has become my very dear friend, and though she has decided to retire as a Trustee, it doesn't mean that she won't continue to be my mentor. At the last Trustee meeting, the Board voted to name her Special Advisor to the Trustees, so that she'll still continue to get the documents and she has the ability to call and voice her opinion and I will certainly continue to call her and ask her opinion."

Steve DiPaolo and Jeanna Belkin

She then presented Ms. Belkin with a plaque, reading: "To Jeanna Belkin, who for 52 years on the Council of Actors' Equity and 47 years on the Board of Trustees of the Equity League Pension and Health Fund, over 40 of those years as Chair of the Equity Caucus, has given of her remarkable talent, her sincere understanding and generosity to the members of Actors' Equity Association, we dedicate this day, November 15, 2011, a day on which we extend our deep appreciation and our affection to our dear friend and colleague. From the Council, staff and members of Actors' Equity Association."

Ms. Belkin, visibly moved, spoke of "fairness, fervor and commitment," and said, "I will continue to work for and with Actors' Equity for as long as I live."

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