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    Posted April 16, 2010

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Actors' Equity Rebuffs Statements by Alan Gordon

Recent assertions in the press regarding Actors' Equity Association made by AGMA Executive Director Alan Gordon are inaccurate and a misleading representation of the facts. His claim that AGMA is better equipped to represent dancers on Broadway is nothing more than empty rhetoric designed to make a good sound bite. Equity has represented dancers on Broadway for 55 years since its merger with Chorus Equity. Equity has always, and will always, diligently serve all its members with knowledge, experience, and professionalism and with the full backing of Equity's resources.

To further set the record straight, after the Four A's ruling regarding COME FLY AWAY, Equity offered to meet with AGMA to work out a way for the show to remain on Equity's Production Contract. AGMA refused to do so, resulting in the Four A's determination that Equity must turn over the administration of the show and allow AGMA to put into place its own contract. For that to occur, Equity had to disclaim interest so the performers would not be under Equity's contract, thus providing AGMA the ability to sign a contract with the producers. At this time, and despite Mr. Gordon's claim, the performers are not working under Equity's Production Contract. It is Equity's understanding that AGMA intends to offer the producers essentially the same terms and conditions found in Equity's Production Contract. However, it will be an AGMA contract specific to COME FLY AWAY and not the Equity Production Contract as asserted by Mr. Gordon in media reports.

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