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    Posted April 14, 2010

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OHIO Moves To Chicago

Eastern Ohio to be Administered by AEA's Chicago Office

The Central Region has been administering the theatres and contracts in the western portion of Ohio for over 15 years. The Council of Actors’ Equity Association has now approved the transfer of administration of the eastern portion of Ohio from the Eastern Region to the Central Region.

All theatres and all members in Ohio will now have their contract and membership issues handled by the staff of the Central Regional Office in Chicago. As a resident of the eastern portion of Ohio, we want to make certain that you understand what this change means to you.

Business Reps in the Central Region are assigned by geographical area rather than by contract area. Central Region Business Representative, Brad Bartolo ( and his Contract Associate, Tripp Chamberlain ( have been working with the western portion of Ohio and will now add the eastern portion of Ohio to their assignment. They will be your first line of contact. Regardless at what theatre in the area you are working, Brad and Tripp will be your contacts. If you have membership questions, you should contact Membership Associate, Lynne Creighton ( Questions about auditions can be handled by our Members’ Service Coordinator, Pam Spitzner ( Our phone number is 312-641-0393.

Responsibility for each theatre in the area is being transferred to the Central Region when they begin their next season. All Guest Artist and Special Appearance theatres are being transferred when they seek new contracts. This means that from now on, you will file your signed contracts for these theatres with the Chicago Office. Additionally, all questions from Deputies, Stage Managers and members in general regarding any of these theatres should be directed to Brad and Tripp.

As a resident of the Central Region, you now will be eligible to participate in a separate election that is held each summer to elect the non-Councillor portion of the Central Regional Board (CRB). Under the National Representation Plan, the Central Region is entitled to only six Councillors (based on population). In order for the CRB to function, an additional 12 non-Councillor CRB Members are elected by the membership living in the Central Region to serve on the Board. All members resident in the Central Region are entitled to seek election to these non-Councillor CRB positions as well as to vote in the election.

The Cleveland Liaison Area is now a part of the Central Region and Brad, Tripp and I will be traveling there in the near future to meet with the Liaison Committee and hopefully the membership as a whole. The transition should be smooth, but if there are any “potholes in the road”, we know we can work together to overcome them. Welcome to the Central Region and we look forward to working with you. Should you have questions about this change or any Equity matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kathryn V. Lamkey
Central Regional Director
Actors’ Equity Association
125 S. Clark ST, Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60603

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