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    Posted November 22, 2008

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Meet our Marathoners - COURTNEY GODAN

Courtney Godan - AEA Member Associate - NYC

The ING 2008 NYC Marathon was Courtney's first time running a marathon. She put her name into the lottery 2 years ago but was not selected. Since close to 100,000 people from all over the world submit their names to be selected from the lottery drawing to run in the NYC Marathon each year, Courtney decided to sign up with the New York Road Runners instead, and ran in nine qualifying races with them. This guaranteed her an automatic spot in the 2008 Marathon.

"I qualified in December 2007 for the marathon. When I started running races about four or five years ago and discovered how thrilling they were and how great they made me feel, I made the NYC Marathon a goal of mine. I promised myself I would train and get up to that level of endurance and run the greatest race in the world."

Running is definitely Courtney's workout of choice and she has been a runner now for over 8 years. "I run almost every day not only to stay healthy, but to clear my mind and relax. I never feel better than after a good run--it's empowering. I've always been an active person, but I was never a runner until I went to college. Even then, I wasn't on track or cross country. I just began running by myself to try and counteract stress and dining hall food."

Finishing her first marathon is something she will never forget. When asked how it felt crossing that finish line on November 2nd Courtney replied: "Amazing! Usually the finish of a race is a small, personal victory and I'll smile and feel good about it. Finishing the NYC Marathon, though, meant achieving my goal of so many years. Hearing the crowd cheer and seeing my family and friends at the end made me smile hard, cry a little, and sprint through the finish, arms flailing in victory."

Anyone who has seen a runner at the end of this race is amazed that they are still standing and able to walk. It seems that the years of regular running and proper training left Courtney in good shape, "My legs were a little stiff that night and the next day, but after that I was ready to get back out there. The Dunkin Donuts I treated myself to wasn't bad either."

The NYC Marathon has been praised as being one of the best races in the world due to the over 2.5 million spectators that are cheering on the sidelines. Those cheers and cries of support were one of Courtney's favorite memories. " The people of New York make this race the greatest race in the world. There was not one spot where I didn't see spectators cheering, dancing, singing, holding signs and just giving words of encouragement. Also, it was inspiring and an honor to run with not only the professional athletes, but everyday people from all over the world who came together on this one day in this fantastic city for this one purpose. One of the best parts was telling myself my friends or family members will be just a few more miles ahead and then seeing their smiling faces pop out of the crowd, cheering as hard as they could. Also, coming over the bridge and onto First Avenue and a woman yelling, "Welcome to Manhattan! You made it to New York City!!"

When asked what the most rewarding part of doing a marathon is Courtney answered "Knowing that I pushed my own limits and prepared my body and mind well enough to take on a difficult challenge. A race is humbling and empowering all at the same time. I really believe you learn more about what kind of person you are when you run any sort of race, especially a marathon.

All the love and support from my family and friends and even complete strangers also made this race the most rewarding thing I have ever ran. The show of support was overwhelming and more touching than I could ever explain. "

Courtney won't be running in the NYC Marathon next year because she wants to start traveling and running marathons in other states. "But I will definitely do it again at some point. Nothing will beat running in my home, New York!"

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