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    Posted January 28, 2008

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Members Elected to Liaison Committee

Seattle area AEA members met at the Seattle Repertory Theatre on January 6, 2008 and elected three members to serve three-year terms on the Seattle Liaison Committee: Terry Edward Moore, Kat Ramsburg and Molly Griffith. The Liaison Committee represents approximately 450 members in the Greater Puget Sound Region. Continuing Committee members are: Roger Curtis, Chair; Chris Comte, Bob De Dea, Rik Deskin, Allen Fitzpatrick, Bobbi Kotula, David Natale, Betsy Schwartz and Aaron Shanks.

Mr. Curtis, who recently participated in the Expanded Western Regional Board meeting with other Western Liaisons, spoke of his delight that Equity is looking at the status quo, and seeking new solutions to old and new problems. He also spoke of the Committee's early discussions with small local theatres, with the hope that they can be encouraged to provide more work for local Equity members.

Western Regional Director Susan Wallace was in attendance and spoke about the Expanded Regional Board meetings. She also gave an overview of the state of the union. During the Q&A session following her presentation, she informed members about a reciprocal agreement between AEA and Canadian Equity that allows members of U.S. Equity to work in Canadian theatres under a P2 Visa-the same visa that allows professional hockey, baseball and football players to work in Canada. She went on to say that stage managers are in much demand in Canada, and urged members to explore options for work "north of the border" on the Canadian Equity website,

L-R: Jodee Thelen, Zoaunne LeRoy, David Natale (below), Kat Ramsburg, Aaron Shanks (below), Molly Griffith, Linda-Jo Greenberg (below), Shawn Telford, Western Regional Director Susan Wallace, Lori Amondson Flint, Bobbi Kotula, Roger Curtis, Lisa Carswell, Bob De Dea, Chris Compte (below), Allen Fitzpatrick, Karen Skrinde, Anders Bolang (below), Dick Arnold, Wendy Walker, Cristine Reynolds , Joseph Smelser, Mary Purdy (below), Jessica Bomball

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