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Posted October 31, 2005

Equity Auditions Coming Up in Baltimore/Washington

By Gregory Gorton

The Washington/Baltimore/Northern Virginia Equity Liaison Committee is finalizing details for the fifth consecutive year of Equity Only Auditions, which will once again take place at the Olney Theatre Center in Olney, Maryland. At press time, the auditions were tentatively set to be held on Monday and Tuesday, January 9 and 10, 2006.

Olney Theatre

In the past, hundreds of actors have auditioned for dozens of casting and artistic directors from theatres throughout the East Coast--and actors are actually getting work from them. Many of the local theatres now eagerly look forward to the auditions and have commented on the quality of talent evidenced.

The standard rule of three minutes for a monologue, song or combination of the two will again be in effect, and an accompanist will be provided. Auditionees are reminded that there will be a timer and that the three-minute rule will be enforced. Actors should plan to be at the registration desk at least one hour before the scheduled audition time.

So, now's the time to brush up your Shakespeare. Dust off the plays that are sitting on your shelf or explore new scripts. Update that photo and resume, and donít let those head shots from ten years ago be your first-impression calling card. The time is now to begin preparing yourself, your materials, your monologue and song, so that you will be certain to be a hit come January.

To keep informed and up-to-date, check the DC/Baltimore Equity Hotline, (202) 722-7350. It is updated frequently and will be your best source of news and information regarding the auditions. You can also check the Equity website,

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