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September 9, 2004

Guy Pace Takes New Role on National Staff

After 26 years as an Equity executive Guy Pace, Assistant Executive Director, National Finance and Administration, has stepped down from that post and the Council has designated him as a Senior Advisor working as an Independent Consultant to the Association.

"I have been working closely with Guy since I arrived at Equity in 1981," said Executive Director Alan Eisenberg. "I shall miss his regular help and counsel, but I am pleased that he will be available as a consultant. He has been a good friend and an excellent colleague."

Mr. Pace's primary responsibility for the next two years will be to maintain oversight of all of Equity's finances and to provide recommendations to the Council, Treasurer and Executive Director on financial matters. He will also continue to write the annual statistical reports that appear in the December issue of Equity News.

In addition, Mr. Pace will offer general advice and consultation to the Executive Director, Regional Directors, Senior Staff, Council and Officers in areas in which he has had previous experience with Equity.

"We are delighted that we will continue to have Guy Pace as part of our Equity family, albeit in a new capacity, and that we will be able to benefit from his tremendous experience and expertise," said President Patrick Quinn.

Guy Pace joined the Equity staff in 1978 and is the longest tenured executive at the Union. In an interview in Equity News in 1999 on the occasion of his 20th anniversary, Mr. Pace cited several highlights of his career, including coordinating negotiations in 1980 and 1981 for the purchase and subsequent resale of the Equity Building in New York; developing the 2% working dues system; negotiating and resolving major commissions disputes with agents' organization; participating in the fight for passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 which created an income tax provision favorable to performers; redrafting the Constitution in 1992 to allow for National Representation; and overseeing the computerization of Equity and the establishment of its network and website.

Of his new role at Equity, Mr. Pace says, "This alteration in my status was based on my desire, after years of service to the Association, to pursue some personal goals and to seek other challenges and directions in my life. I am happy to be able to do this while still maintaining an attachment to the Union."

Steve DiPaola has been named National Director for Administration and has assumed many of Mr. Pace's former duties, including direct oversight of all national and personnel management issues in all offices. This includes supervising the membership, computer services, contracts, bonding and files departments. The goal, Mr. DiPaola says, "is to provide for maximum service to our members at the most economic cost."

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