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July 2, 2004

Alert: Important Negotiations Update from President Patrick Quinn

Dear Equity Member,

I want to give you a further update on the Production Contract Negotiations. Talks will start again on Tuesday, July 6th.

Some members have asked why we are not resuming the negotiations immediately. Equity firmly believes this period of time can be strategically utilized. Your negotiating team has been meeting for three months, sometimes 12 hours a day, while continuing to work their shows eight performances a week. Throughout the proceedings your team has displayed solidarity and agreement in its position. This break affords us a clear-headed evaluation of the recent proposals and events.

When we reconvene on Tuesday, the first order of business will be to discuss the issue of Equity workweeks on the road.

Another question raised by some members is why we are not now on strike. The decision to strike is a very serious step and while we are completely prepared to do so if it becomes necessary, we feel a strong obligation to you and all other theatrical union members to explore every avenue of negotiation first. This in no way is a form of capitulation.

Be assured that while each of you will be performing this weekend, Equity will be preparing diligently for Tuesday's session.

In solidarity,

Patrick Quinn

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