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June 9, 2004

Actors’ Equity Association Supports New York City Teachers, Police And Firefighters In Their Demand For Fair Wages

Actors' Equity Association, currently in its own negotiations, strongly supports the New York City teachers, police officers and firefighters in their fight to achieve better wages in their contract negotiations with the city and Mayor Bloomberg.

In a show of mutual support, Equity President Patrick Quinn and actor Alec Baldwin attended today’s rally.

Mr. Baldwin spoke to the crowd about his father who was a teacher on Long Island for 28 years and stated his, and Equity’s, support for these Unions.

“New York City should not be run as a business but should be run more business-like. If it were run like a business, your jobs would be outsourced. The Mayor is not the government of this city, you - the teachers, the police and the firefighters - are the real government of this city.” (Alec Baldwin – Actor)

President Quinn reiterated Equity’s support:

“More than 15,000 Actors live and work in this city. We rely on the skills of the police and firefighters to protect us and for the teachers to teach our children the values we all hold so dear. It is imperative these men and women are given the salaries they deserve so they don’t seek employment elsewhere and we continue to be the greatest city in the world.”

Patrick Quinn
Actors' Equity Association

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