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June 3, 2004

Guest Artist Salary, Health Rates Increase on August 2

Effective August 2, 2004, there is an increase in the Guest Artist Agreement (GAA) weekly health and salary rates.

Health Rates: In Tier 1 (up to three shows per week), the health contribution will be $130 per Actor/Stage Manager per week plus $1.50 Supplemental Workers' Compensation (SWC); in Tier 2 (up to five shows per week), the contribution is $140 per Actor/Stage Manager per week plus $1.50 SWC, and in Tier 3 (up to eight shows per week), it is $150 per Actor/Stage Manager per week plus $1.50 SWC.

Pension contribution is 8%, computed on the total gross compensation paid to the Actor/Stage Manager.

Salaries: Minimum weekly salary rates go up as follows: Tier 1 Actors: $280, Stage Managers: $348; Tier 2 Actors: $370, Stage Managers: $438; Tier 3 Actors: $477, Stage Managers, $544. Minimum salaries for Actors/Stage Managers hired for one week only increase by an additional $50.

In addition, free housing, roundtrip transportation and $20 per diem is required for all out-of-town Actors/Stage Managers employed under the Guest Artist Agreement.

Equity members may not be hired as independent contractors. Members must be hired as employees of the college, university or theatre.

And, unemployment compensation insurance must be paid on behalf of the Actor/Stage Manager. If the theatre is exempt from paying this insurance by state law, the theatre must elect to pay either voluntary coverage through the States of New York or New Jersey or use the services of a paymaster who can provide this benefit.

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