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May 21, 2004

NYC Central Labor Council Passes Resolution Supporting Equity


Whereas, for 90 years Actors'Equity Association has struggled to improve the lives of actors and stage managers; and

Whereas, because of the solidarity of its members and other working people, Actors' Equity has been able to secure fair wages, hours and working conditions for its 45,000 members; and

Whereas, Actors' Equity, through its work on behalf of its members, has built Broadway theatre into the world's greatest theatre; and

Whereas, as a result, Actors' Equity is a symbol of excellence in American theatre; and

Whereas, Broadway is now the number one tourist attraction in New York City, generating over $3 billion per year for the City; and

Whereas, the touring shows, that grow our of Broadway hits, revitalize other cities and generate millions of dollars in revenue throughout the country; and

Whereas, Actors' Equity is currently engaged in contract negotiations with the League of American Theatres & Producers; and

Whereas, the wages, benefits, and working conditions for Broadway actors are at stake in these negotiations; and

Whereas, Actors are facing an erosion in job opportunities, and Broadway Road Shows are being operated more and more on a nonunion basis, thus threatening the quality of the Broadway brand as well as undermining the conditions of Equity members; and

Whereas, Actors' Equity members are facing an assault on their health care benefits and are fighting for full funding for their health fund; and

Whereas, if Actors' Equity loses its fight for a decent contract, it will affect all working people in the New York metropolitan area; and

Whereas, Actors' Equity is fighting the proliferation of nonunion tours across the U.S.; Now, Therefore, Be It

Resolved, "If it's NOT Equity, it's NOT Broadway"; and, Be It

Resolved, that the New York City Central Labor Council supports Actors' Equity in its "Fight for Broadway and the Road" contract campaign; and, Be It

Resolved, that the NYC Central Labor Council will do whatever it can to assist Actors' Equity--from participating in demonstrations and rallies to communicating with members and the broader public; and, Be It Finally

Resolved, that this resolution be forwarded to other unions, councils and labor organizations, as well as other organizations to which working people belong, such as churches, synagogues and mosques, as well as City, State and Federal elected officials and office holders.

(Approved by Executive Board May 20, 2004)

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