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February 16, 2004

Equity Members Turn Out For Membership Meetings In Orlando Road Campaign, Upcoming Disney Negotiations Discussed

On Monday, January 26, 2004, over 50 Equity members attended the General Membership Meetings sponsored by the Central Florida Liaison Committee and the Orlando Equity office.

Mark Taylor, Chair of the Liaison Committee, kicked off the meeting by introducing special guests Eastern Regional Vice President Arne Gundersen, Equity’s Executive Director Alan Eisenberg, Eastern Regional Director Carol Waaser and Senior Business Representative Zalina Hoosein, who came down from the New York office.

From South Florida, Equity Councillors Wayne LeGette, Margot Moreland and Valerie Toth-Grant attended, along with other members of the South Florida Liaison Committee and staff members from Equity’s Orlando office, Brian Spitler, Jackie Dames, Pam Galbraith, and Jennie Davis.

“We were delighted at the response shown by our South Florida members,” said Eastern Regional Vice President Arne Gundersen. “There’s a real sense of solidarity and interest in what’s going on with the Union. These meetings helped to bring us all closer together.”

Mr. Eisenberg outlined the current status of the Road Campaign and discussed how the campaign is shaping up. He predicted a “tough road” ahead at the upcoming Production Contract negotiations, and urged the members to stay informed. Ms. Hoosein and Mr. Spitler spoke about Disney World, focusing on current contract compliance and the upcoming negotiations later this year.

The Liaison Committee reported on its activities, which included more seminars for members and the production of a Resource Guide for members new to the area. There was an also intense discussion centered on a particular local theatre where the Producer was threatening to go non-union. The members were clear they wanted Equity to “remain tough” with this producer. Carol Waaser reported that Staff has been working to ensure compliance with the contract while keeping the theatre in the Equity fold.


Councilor Valerie Toth-Grant addresses the membership as Committe Chari Mark Taylor and Eastern Regional Vice President Arne Gundersen look on

Taylor introduces special guests Carol Waaser, Alan Eisenberg, Zalina Hoosein and Arne Gundersen

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