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October 25, 2004

Building a Better Health Care System: Specifications for Reform A Report from the National Coalition on Health Care

The National Coalition on Health Care, a non-partisan coalition devoted to health care issues, recently released its report, “Building a Better Health Care Systems: Specifications for Reform.” These Specifications will be used to set the agenda for health care reform in the next session of Congress. The Report is a preliminary statement of goals. It does not endorse a single payer system by name, but includes publicly financed universal coverage as one of the 4 options for insuring all Americans.

To view the report, click here:

Equity is one the Coalition’s 100 members representing major unions, including AFTRA & SAG, pension funds, corporations, health care providers and religious denominations. Equity contributed to the development of the Specifications and while the report does not reflect all of our recommendations, it does incorporate many of our concerns. The next steps for the Coalition will be to advocate for important Congressional hearings early in 2005 and to testify at those hearings.

An interview with Dr. Henry Simmons, Coalition President, appears in the upcoming edition of Equity News For further information about the Coalition, visit

For further information or questions regarding Equity’s participation or the Specifications, contact Jack Goldstein, Equity’s liaison to the Coalition, at

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