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    Posted May 5, 2016


A Historic 65-Year Backstage Tradition on Broadway


Mind the blood! Alex Michael Stoll is American Psycho’s Gypsy Robe recipient

“The Gypsy Robe is a continuing circulation of energy between some of the hardest working people in New York City and the backbone of Broadway: the ensemble. It's a show of the support for one another. I also want to thank the good people of Equity for being stewards of this beautiful tradition.

I've only seen three Gypsy Robe ceremonies. The first was watching (the legendary) Matt Wall receive the Robe for his 10th Broadway turn in the most recent revival of Evita. The second was when I, unexpectedly, received the robe for American Psycho. I was shocked when my name was called. ‘I wish I had combed my hair,’ I remember thinking. Cameras flashed, I sputtered through an improvised speech gushing at our cast, creative team and community. I started to circle the stage the wrong way (clockwise, oops!!!), changing the ‘woo's’ and ‘yay's’ to ‘whoa's’ and ‘No’s!’

The third ceremony I witnessed started with skipping bows of my Sunday matinee, a full sprint from 45th street to the stage door of the Brooks Atkinson with (stage)blood spattered on my face and then having the honor of passing on the tradition of the Robe. I love being a part of this community. I have found friends, love and life here on Broadway that has shaped me as an artist and a human being. Receiving the Gypsy Robe made me feel like I was more than just part of a community — it made me feel like part of a family.”


Name: Alex Michael Stoll

Hometown: Wichita, KS

Show: American Psycho

Opening Night: April 21, 2016

Broadway Debut: West Side Story (2011)

Professional Training: Wichita State University

Year Joined Equity: 2009

How I Got My Equity Card: “The day I (and my two suitcases) moved up to NYC, I went to an ECC for Hairspray, which would run at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. It was my very first audition as a brand new New Yorker, and it would be the first job that I would have as a member of Equity.”   

Broadway Chorus Credits: 5

Fun Fact: “I'm a trained mime. My very first time performing in NYC was with Alithea Mime Theatre at the United Nations.”

Moments from the Gypsy Robe® Ceremony

Alex Michael Stoll does the ceremonial three laps around the stage.

Alex Michael Stoll with the cast members of American Psycho.

View the full gallery of photos here!

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